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tv   ABC 7 News at 6PM  ABC  November 9, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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students, as you can see behind me. they continue to try to occupy the plaza. police tried to tell the protestors to leave and they didn't. >> this is video taken by some protestors. police used batons and tried to move the protestors. some were holding on to each other. now, six people we're hold were arrested. again, police used force against them, against protestor as tempting to set up tents. and some students were injured. >> they were swinging at me, then i was wearing sunglasses, too. just in case they're going to pepper spray us, one took them off. >> ended up grabbing people by both hands and pulling them, like that. like this over the line.
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>> and now, earlier today at noon, students marched down telegraph to a bank of america branch. waits a peaceful demonstration. but i will add the uc berkeley chancellor told students the university would not allow students to set up tents or encampment structures anywhere on campus. now here is university spokesperson janet gill more. >> that is the goal. police will affect the situation to do what they feel is appropriate and safe. we'd like to end up with a minimum number after re.s you have to respond to the situations. >> and so here is what we're also hearing latest vice chancellor will come out to try to talk to some of the students to try to reach a compromise, we have been told,
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again, that no structures and no tents will be allowed here at the plaza. stay tuned. i'm live at uc berkeley abc 7 news. >> and stay tuned, indeed. city leaders shouted down today and simply were not willing to hear message officials were trying to deliver and we're live with the story there. >> first of all the mayor did visit the camp for the first time in weeks this afternoon. she did speak with some individuals here at the camp. and some other city leaders were trying to hold a press conference across town and were not allowed same courtesy. mic check! >> after having the press conference interrupted five city council members and business leaders chanted right
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back at them. city council members returned chants with their own. this is a press conference that did go on. >> we've had a general assembly and voted by conyensus that occupy oakland must leave. >> political passion continues welcomed. lawlessness, destruction, and violence will die. >> they came as a regular person to hear what the city council people had to say. i can't hear it. it was drowned out. i don't feel like this is democracy. >> you are not going to let their side be heard? >> they have plenty of opportunity and representatives saying their side. >> what do you think about free speech? why not let them talk? >> everyone is free to talk. >> you aren't letting them talk. >> the press congrens going on near lake merit the mayor
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slips out of her office for a tour of the camp. some demonstrators welcomed her. >> mayor quan has a lot of things on her plate. it's a hard decision to make. the thing is that decision she has to live with. >> and this afternoon there was another statement, we renew over all and occupation is a tactic not a pollution. now another note here is that this city apparentry shut off water and lights here at night. and it's quite dark here. darker than it has been. demonstrators are concerned that their safety is now being jeopardized by the city. water they had been using we understand was turned off today. >> thank you. >> and race is over.
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counting is done. ed lee is san francisco's mayor. lee has 61% of the vote. this makes him the first asian american mayor elected in san francisco. and we're here now with the latest developments. >> well, ed lee acknowledged he's brecking barriers and came out of room 200 here with his wife and daughters he came chokd up emotionally. the party was last night. but the vikt very today. >> i want to thank the people of san francisco. this is wonder tofl represent so many different communities and to know your work is welcomed. >> chinese americans once were not allowed to vote in this city. now, they flexed newsel to
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help one of their own into the top spot. >> this is the full immersion of the chinese american population in terms of the election that. said this has been a voting block for years. the chinese community played a role in previous mayors being elected and woor part of the coalition to elect willie brown and gavin newsom. >> the 59-year-old lee was appointed in january. and prom promised not to seek the permanent job but changed his mind. spending part of the day as mayor elect visiting homeless vets. >> this feel goods so getting past the state and getting past vote getting and handshaking and back to work is enjoyable for me. >> his closest competitor was
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john avalos whose campaign picked up momentum in final week autos putting together a wonderful campaign. clean. and this is based on people power. 90% came from san francisco. and so i'm proud whaef put together. >> and he captured 39% of the vote and actually won the votes cast on election day. but not all of the important absentee ballots. he's refusing to concede the race. there are about p to ballots that are -- 32,000 ballots that are still out there and that is still the commanding lead it would be hard to overcome. abc 7 news. >> thank you and final numbers are in for the other two elected offices in san francisco. district attorney george gascone wins a four-year term
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with 64% of the vote z there are thousands of ballots yet to be counted supervisor mercurin sismt on the way to becoming the next sheriff. >> unions seeing both victory and defeat tonight. voters asked about binding arbitration rights. in ohio, defeating a measure yesterday n palo alto, abc 7 reports arbitration for police officers and firefighters is now gone. >> they gave the right to binding arbitration 33 years ago, city officials say it's been used six times but no more and voters rescinded by passing measure d, 67% of the vote. >> there are voters thinking city council needed to have ability to make these choices rather than a third party who doesn't know palo alto well. >> firefighters union is
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disappointed by the yourt come. >> i'm sure the economy has been a factor. city budgets as been strained as of late. >> and we contacted police officers association but did not get a response. they take away arbitration for police and fire. issue under study next week. and palo alto city manager doesn't know if there will be a cost savings however, supporters believe it will help. >> a lot of retirees don't have those same benefits and that i think they're expecting public sector to contribute to reducing the future costs. >> retired federal judge voted against measure d. >> i don't think that the yid of saving money is paramount consideration that we should have for everything that comes up. and you can save by not doing
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this, that and another thing. >> as with any election, there are bound to be hard feelings. but the hope here in palo alto as well as other communities where issue is coming up, is that everyone will move on. in palo alto abc 7 news. >> and a lot more still to come tonight. a suspected cop killer ready to turn himself in after 40 years on the run. still head tonight vic lee reveals what made this man finally decide to give himself up. >> and from my trip to west africa, silent killer lurks in sierra leone and a break through that could save thousands of live
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a fugitive says he's turning himself in. ronald bridge forth wanted for his involve nmt a shootout z he faces another charge as well, murder. >> ronald bridgeforth is now 67 years old and his lawyer won't tell us why wr he's been living but we do know that he has a family and he's a counselor at a college. monday, his lawyer called a county district attorney's office. >> we were informed that they'd be coming to court tomorrow. to surrender on the case. >> karen never expected to hear from fugitive bridgeforth again after he skill zipped bail. he was arrested the year before after a shootout at a
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whitefront discount store. >> mr. bridgeforth began shooting and they returned fire. and i believe one officer shot out a tire them. were taken into custody. >> paul smith is his lawyer. >> and he jumped bail and went to africa for a year and led a destructive model live. >> smith sedz his client, married with two sons wants to do the right thing he wants to be a model for his sons. of a man who stands up for the wrong he'd done. >> and bridgeforth is wanted for another, more serious crime this, one for the murder of san francisco police sargeant john young, police say the driver of a get away car after young was shot to death at ingleside station in
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1971. investigators say the killers were members of the black liberation army a militant off shoot of the black panther party he was not get away driver. he was not even in san francisco on that day. >> eight suspects were arrested four years ago and two pleaded guilty. both were serving life sentences for other murders and charges dropped against others. his lawyer says bridgeforth will plead guilty to the south san francisco charges. >> he's innocent of the other case. >> now, his lawyer says his client will plead guilty to the charges but as to murder charge the state attorney general office which prosecute that had case says it's reviewing the situation and a source tells us they may drop it because the case was weakest of all.
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>> and new e mails today suggest a major campaign donor may have pressured the white house into giving a loan guarantee to solyndra of fremont. they were from george kaiser calling solyndra a poster child for renewable energy. and they went bankrupt in september, and the white house insists it did not intervene in this decision to grant that loan. >> bay area schools turning to solar power getting a lesson in saving money. three east bay school districts developed solar master plans. the plans have enabled school districts to turn to owe solar energy to campuses on berkeley and oakland school districts. a state senator says turning to sole jar not om good for environment but it's good for school budgets, too. >> this will pay for itself
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shortly and after that, money can be put back into the classroom and back, giving our young people what they need. to her learn and thrive. >> they spent $7.3 million on electricky and have capacity to generate up to $5.3 million in solar power. >> twin 2-year-old girl who's underwent surgery are make prog gres. doctors moved them out of intensive care today. girls have begun physical therapy and now he'ding -- eating solid foods and watching tv shows. the twins once joined at the chest underwent 12 hours of surgery november 1 and are expected to be released from the hospital in a weak. >> good for theme and let's turn to weather forecast. another nice day. things may change a little. >> another lovely day in a string of lovely days.
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right how, enjoying clear skies there. is a live view from our mount tam camera. clear skies and a soon to be full moon that officially occurs tomorrow, at noon. there is a planet in view as well. we're trying to determine what that is. there is jupiter that would say that. and there is a look at this afternoon, high pressure still in control of weather, sunny skies from coast to inland and high temperatures mainly into 60s and up to 70 in san jose today so there is another mild day. 60 in oakland. 61 mountain view. 48 in fairfield and 50s in other locations. there is cooler friday with, showers likely. i'll show where they're coming from in just a moment. take a look at projected lows for tomorrow morning. there are lows into upper 30s again in santa rosa and napa.
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there is mid-40s around the bay. now there is a satellite image with high pressure keeping us mild and dry another day ahead of a advancing cold front. and there is some rainfall and we'll get moisture and some clouds start on friday morning at 5:00. moisture will be mainly off shore at that hour but we'll have clouds in the area, front approaches and we'll get wet wet weather, heaviest throughout south bay and south of the bay area. and showers trail through friday, and perhaps overnight into early saturday morning then things start dry out. tomorrow, we'll be another sunny, mild dry day. highs into low 70s, 72 in san jose and campbell. and there is 72 in mountain
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view. mid-60s on the coast and half moon bay downtown san francisco is 66 degrees tomorrow. and there is mid to upper 60s. 68 in sonoma and santa rosa. near east bay highs upper 60s to 70s, inland east bay upper 60s up to 70 in livermore and near monterey bay, we'll see 67 in monterey. 70 watsonville. here is the accu-weather forecast. rain on friday. which is veteran's day. and maybe early morning showers or two sta, then mainly dry saturday afternoon and milder next week, again, monday, tuesday, wednesday, highs into upper 60s. >> thank autos when we come back tonight fight against childhood obesity. >> and students on the
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for the first time in 30 years number of overweight school children in the state are falling and local school districts working towards similar results. and in san jose, they engage in physical activity known as play works. >> if we do not deal with this, this generation will be facing a shorter life span. >> if you're fit maybe you can live longer. and have a healthier live and
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physically and maybe mentally. >> there are several school districts doing away with sugary drinks but only one of nine counties showed fewer obese school children, san mateo county. >> federal authorities call abusive prescription painkillers an epidemic but state officials slashing a program to fight it. the cures help prak people shopping from doctor to doctor to get oxycontin. and funds for the program disappeared when $70 kblinl was cut from the state department of justice. east bay entrepreneur bob pack lost two children after they were pit hit by a woman driving under the influence of vicodin. pack is now working to restore funding to the cures program. >> basically will put a quarter penny fee or a tax on each prescription narcotic pill in california to be paid
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for by the drug manufacturers. >> and 40 people die every day from prescription drug overdose autos and would you bring your children to an occupy encampment? coming up at 6:30 tonight potential for a clash of cultures in san francisco now that the holidays are arriving. >> and a very rough day on wall street. political turmoil in europe driving down the value of everything that you've been working for. >> and coming up, a threat to your
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>> stock prices took another plunge today. wall street became occupied by european debt crisis now spreading from greece to italy. italian government tried to
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reassure investors woe leave office soon, clearing the way for economic reforms but talks to form a new government in greece fell part today raising doubts about whether kit avoid a default. impact was negative. dow fell 389 points today. nasdaq lost 100 and s and p 500 had its biggest one day drop since august. >> another live look at the occupy cal movement going on now at uc berkeley. there is well over a thousand students and other protestors gathered and there is officials have told them they can stay as long as they don't set up tents. ice skater goesing to have to share space with occupiers and mark matthews is live with that story for us. mark? >> and this goes beyond the ice rink. businesses are gearing up for the holidays and that maichl
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of protestors and holiday profits fueling fears. inside of the occupy camp protestors fear now that the election is over, the city will crack down. >> and what has talk been? >> everyone is concerned. >> last night the mayor discount that had fear. >> and we've created communication was them. and are going to continue dialoguing with them. >> and this is a fair bit of wiggle room. operators refuse to say what they think about sharing the plaza. >> we're just focusing on positive. and that is all we're talking about. >> and kyle leslie says operators have been more forth coming. >> they've been pressuring us to keep general assembly ways from the area. >> and thanksgiving approaches and the possibility of a conflict between profits and protestors is a concern.
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and there is a manager from one market has this advice for police. >> keep an eye on it. understand, be compassionate, but also, mindful. >> crews watched up the plaz and police say they found a protestor carrying an unloaded holster under his jacket. they sighted the camper for carrying a concealed weapon. >> it's not comforting for use a couple tourists thought it was scaring visitors, another told me it made them feel proud. >> i think we need to be back in the streets to be heard. >> and the they aren't hearing much concern for their livelihood and shopper as void camp. >> this is impacting us. i'll just say considerably. >> response from one
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protestor? >> trying to change things. and this is unfortunate they have to worry about bottom line. >> he believes in his right of reexpression supersedes the right of local businesses to make a profit. and on market, mark matthews abc 7 news. >> and one of us would walk down street with private information posted on a name tag but that is what could happen if new technology takes off. >> this starts with information you know and it changes quickly. and now, researchers say that what has not been easily accessible about many of us will be soon pieced together. ease eyely. most can go out in public and remain unrecognized.
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and sisz tims may soon allow strangers to snap a picture and instantly learn your name, date of birth, where you're born, and maybe even your social security number. >> i think it's probably here to stay. >> facebook and fwoogel are using some forms of facial recognition. facebook's tag suggestion uz identify people in photos as they're uploaded. and this video demonstrates how owners of galaxy nexus can unlock phones by pointing it at their face. this professor at carney melon university in pittsburgh. >> we're getting closer to the ends, of anonymity. >> he and fellow researchers at carnegie mellon university developed an application he says can determine the name
6:34 pm
and personal information with fairly good accuracy. we caught up with him in boston and put the app to the test. he took pictures of three subjects. photos uploaded to the app. the app spit out information about each of them. >> that is my name, my date of birth. >> the app determined the same information for paul. >> i'm impressed and... it's scary losing anonymity like this. >> here is how it works. face recognizers compare points on someone's face. and with this data base of photos from the internet. the app searches public records. >> people take pictures of you and upload them, have you no control over this.
6:35 pm
one of the reasons it's kind of okay you think it isn't tagged there is no way kit come back, but it can. right? it had less success on social security numbers, however, in the past, he says the app had a success rate of 27% and predicting five digits of the numbers. that is significant because remaining four bij digits are available. and third test subject, the app determined name and state where lesion lisa group. enough to make her concerned about stalker autos seeing this i would be afraid of that. i won't have been before but i guess i am, a little bit, now. >> he has not released his app to the pob lick only developing it to prove it could be done. and predicts systems will be available and more accurate in just five to 15 years.
6:36 pm
and the fbi confirms it's own facial recognition system is in a pilot program and will be rolled out next year. >> the big risk is that there is a chance that people can end up in data base. >> google images has ability to identify images uploaded on to its web site. could facial recognition with next? >> figuring out a way to be done... it won't violate privacy could be considered. >> and this is getting closer and closer due to progress in the technologies. >> and political is taking notice and senator john rockefeller asked the ftc to issue a report. both fbi and face book could be asked to participate in a work shop scheduled by the commission next month. now,
6:37 pm
both declined to talk with me about this report. >> wow. >> it's a little frightening. >> yes. >> thank you. >> and coming up next, white house cancelled a so called christmas tree tax. >> and a journey of hope to seera
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adobe admits defeat ask says it will stop using flash
6:40 pm
technology for developing games and video on mobile phones and tab blets. apple says flash wasn't good enough for the iphone and adobe has given up, cisco systems is showing signs of a turn around and posting a quarterly profit today. and the fragile european economy is dragging down general motors. saying there are weak earnings everywhere except north america and china cable industry says it will offer high speed cable access to low income families for households where children qualify for free meals. >> agriculture department today postponed a plan to oppose a fee on large christmas tree growers. some calling it a christmas tree tax but it's a marketing fee of 15 cents per tree. and this is requested by the
6:41 pm
indus city. the association to promote the yufs american trees over foreign grown or artificial ones but after criticism the obama administration has decided to revisit that idea. and others who pay self imposed fees include beef ranchers, egg farmers and mic producers and marketing fees paid for the got mic campaign and once-famous dancing raisin autos coming up next, local researchers find a low-cost way to fight one of the common killers. >> plus... >> sometimes you need to bend the rules a little. >> bending more than just rules in j [ female announcer ] at the jcpenney... veterans day sale get savings on top of savings. use your jcpenney rewards credit card...
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veterans day sale get savings on top of savings. use your jcpenney rewards credit card... ...and get an extra 15...20... or 30% off all regular, sale and clearance items. no exclusions. go to see everything on sale. jcpenney. something that is a nuisance in california is still a killer in much of africa. mosquitoes there carry malaria. the problem is particularly severe among children. research began here in the bay area is offering new hope to the west african nation.
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the bush country of sierra leone is wildly beautiful. but in the background is a silent killer. moeks carrying a deadly form of malaria. the disease hits young children hard. >> do you worry about malaria and illness? >> yes. >> the concern for their son, sammy. >> they're afraid of malaria. >> he hasn't had it? >> yes, very. >> it. >> try it with the help of a flashlight they took us inside of their hut showing us the torn mosquito net they sleep under. a net offering little protection because of the holes. if a child does develop malaria immediate treatment
6:46 pm
can be a difference between life and death. >> it's number one killer disease for under five. >> this surgeon is trained in san francisco general hospital's trauma institute learning techniques for healing fractures but most children are suffering from extreme complications from mallayera. families often don't reach the hospital until the symptoms are already severe. >> so they're rushed in, gasping and requiring a urgent blood transfusion. >> help could be soon on the way from the bay area, this berkeley researcher and his team have developed a synthetic form of the commonly used drug until now came only from the worm wood plant. and scientists used synthetic biology to produce it from bacteria e coli in huge tank autos the goal is to increase
6:47 pm
the supply, then lower the price substantially he believes the price could drop from several dollars a dose about 25 cents and could be widely available as early as next year and clinics scramble to treat children diagnosed and aid groups like world vision work to educate families on prevention. >> and while efforts may take years to pay ofrks people are hoping they'll some day join a growing list of countries that have eradicated malaria. abc news is partnering to hope to connect million americans with millions of moms to affect change. join and learn how you can make a difference. and there there are spe special reports tomorrow at 6:00 with a focus on water. >> just remarkable reporting
6:48 pm
from after ricka. let's touch base with the accu-weather forecast. >> we'll continue about whether this image showing high pressure dominating our weather. there is a flow from the southwest to low 70s again. there is a mild day and there is the accu-weather forecast. sunny skies torj clouds thickening and friday, rain arriving so showers likely may continue into evening and perhaps overnight hours. saturday afternoon should be dry, sunday looks like a nice, dry day. >> all right. thanks. >> opening in theaters today is the highly anticipated film j edgar and this is a story of the first person to head the fbi and hint at his personal rif. here is don sanchez on the
6:49 pm
aisle. >> we must never lower our guard. >> you won't find him a warm character. he's tough, obsessed. >> and the film reeks of period details and along through time, we can see him as an ego maniac who wants all publicity in big cases and there is a strange wrip his domineering mother, that is judy dench. >> i want you to be my number two man. i need you. >> there has opinion speculation about romance. he tells bobby kennedy he has tape of president kennedy with a prostitute. he is pictured using
6:50 pm
questionable methods to get what he wanted. >> sometimes you need to bend the rules a little. >> this is the kind of performance that gets award nominations we've seen the old j edgar humor there were laughs. and the makeup makes it look like the doctor from beverly hills housewives got carry waichld he can't move, then, issue of sexuality. they hold hands and kiss. he owe gos into his mother's closet we can change the title of the film to jedna. i'll give it three quarters of a bucket. and we'll see you on the aisle. >> and that is intriguing. >> coming up next, tiger woods returning to action in the australian open. >>
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hope you can join me at 9:00, coming up then a self described extreme surfer, look at this guy sets a record. you're going to hear the scariest part of riding this wave. >> incredible. then at 11:00 there is a
6:54 pm
concert ticket warning. on what you should know before you plunk down money to see your favorite artists coming up later this evening at 9:00 and 11:00. >> raiders have a big game. >> they do. larry beil is here now. >> tomorrow night, thursday night football, unusual. offense struggled since darren mcfad again got hurt. and bad news is that he will not play. he sprained his foot against the chiefs and leading in rushing at that time. the silver and black with a big playibility that. is what is more pressure on the new quarterback. >> there is makings of a good phonesive football team. and make sure we take care of the football. >> new quarterback and a big thing to adjust to. we're all getting a feel for the way he works back there. we've got to get in there
6:55 pm
less. that is something we're working on. >> one of jim harbaugh's favorite praise praises is who has got it better hahn us? nobody. and there is giants coming to town with a 6-2 record. and there is a win over new england and this figures to be a bruising test of power football. >> you're right dwo. tyke great test for us. a team that played high-quality football. >> one thing we can use as a measuring stick to see where we are and have to improve on. and our seasons are not the win or loss. and we want to go out there to win a game. >> and tiger woods is down under for australian open. round one just underway. john daily knows about dealing
6:56 pm
with destructions and chatting it up. then, on the court tiger searching for a putting stroke. number four and again, same thing happens right now tiger is eepen and on the sixth hole. there is 66 for deejay. there is a set up on eagle and manny pack o fights saturday night in has vegas. and they first fought in 2004, result was a draw. 2008 pack man won by split decision. and there is a believe this time he will put marquez away. >> i'm not praying for myself but praying to all fighters
6:57 pm
who are going to fight saturday. especially to my opponent that nobody will get hurt saturday night. i mean, hurt like badly hurt. >> hurt a little. i hope he gets a little hurt. >> manny stands to earn up to $30 million. guaranteed $22 million. po million. marquez will get $5. >> that leaves a lot of pain. >> that is this edition of abc 7 news. >> you can follow us on twitter on abc 7 news bay area for breaking developments in berkeley. >> check us out there. thanks for watching. we appreciate your time. >> good night, everyone. ♪
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